Airfix Same Day Flyers

Airfix Same Day Flyers was a range of scale, rubber powered, flying Aircraft kits. They were made for Airfix, in Japan, in the Mid 1970’s.
The range consisted of …… kits. Some of the Models came in two sizes, for example there was a Spitfire and a Super Spitfire with Wingspans of 400mm and 600mm respectively.
They had self-coloured ultra lightweight moulded plastic fuselages and strong styrofoam wings and tails with wheeled undercarriages and ‘Robust’ rubber motors.
They boasted:  "Fast easy assembly and same day flying fun! Just wind her up and watch her go!"
This collection of models belongs to Peter Williams. He bought them from a ‘back street’ newsagents in Cardiff in the 70’s and a small shop in Evesham.




Super Spitfire

Super Mustang

Super Messerschmitt

Giant T-Hawk glider

Giant Friendship twin prop
The full range identified


 Found so far

Spitfire 51336-4       51336 4
Mustang 51337-7       51337 7
Cessna 51338-0       51338 0
Messerschmitt 51339-3       51339 3
Super Spitfire 51340-3   51340 3
Super Mustang 51341-6   51341 6
Super Messerschmitt 51342-9 51342 9
Glider 51343-2   51343 2
T-Hawk glider 51345-8   51345 8
Friendship twin prop 51346-1 51346 1
Super Cessna 51347-4   51347 4
Super Waco 51348-7   51348 7





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